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شժҧ شҧ شҿ ͡
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شժҧ شҧ  شҿ ͡   -شҧ شժҧ شҿ  ͡ ״  Ъشͧ ѺԵͷءԴ çҹԵͧ Դ ó 086-0967010

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شժҧ شҧ شҿ ͡

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͸Ժ شҧ شժҧ شҿ ͡ ״ Ъشͧ ѺԵͷءԴ çҹԵͧ Դ ó 086-0967010
Ҥ 101.00 ҷ

ͪشҿش 360  ҷ ش˭ 380 ҷ ش 410 ҷ ͫҡ  M   L XL  XXL ҧࡧ 28-44 շӻШմ շء͡ ö觷繨ӹǹҡ


شժҧ ẺԻ駵 Ẻд Ҥ ҫػ ʻ´    ҹͧ M   L   XL   XXL ա Ǣ ᴧ


شռ ա բ ͺҧ ͡ѹ


شաд չФ


ش ͻ Ǣ աҡ շءյҹͧẺըӹǹ


ҧ Ҥ M   L   XL   XXL                ǻ µç 3  Ǩ Դдǫ- ҧࡧ 26-40 ҧࡧҧç


зçҧ״ ա ӵ ᴧ ҵͧըӹǹ
Ҥ ͹  L   XL ա  աҡ͡


͡꡹ѡ մ ҹͧẺըӹǹ




ꡧҹҨ   L   XL
״, ͡, cotton 100% ҨٵԵҢ  ͹ LACOSTE շء͡   XS   S   M    L    XL   XXL


ͧ е ա Ǣ տءẺըӹǹ ѹ˹ҡ ժԴǡ  ǡ  


شͧ ҷӧҹͧسԵԴź


٪վ з͹


ѹ Ҿʵԡ мҺҧ ա
ռҷءԴ͡ շç ͡ҡ


ҧࡧ ءԴ


ҡѹ͹ Ẻ оʵԡ


һԴ١TC ͹ öѡǹҹ






اᾷ ẺǷ


Թ ١ҵͧ÷ءԴ


÷ó мԵ 




 Ե繨ӹǹ ҤçҹԴ ó


086-0967010  Kung_chan_s@hotmail.com 




                                      We are both manufacturer and exporter of ready-made garments and suits made to


Orders for various occasions,such as company uniforms,working clothes,jackets of every


Kind,garments for advertising and promotion.There are available textiles of various colours at different price levels for our clients to choose from. 


        With our experience and expertise for as long as more than ---30 years,we produce quality products with fine workmanship by our skilled dressmakers and through strict quality control over every process so that our products meet application purposes to our clientssatisfaction.


        We are always at total disposal in execution of orders from organizations,big or small,with our truthfulness and reasonable price.



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شժҧ شҧ  شҿ ͡
شժҧ شҧ شҿ ͡
شժҧ شҧ  شҿ ͡
شժҧ شҧ شҿ ͡
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028824941 086-0967010


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